Esoteric Bumper Stickers makes waterproof vinyl bumper stickers for every feeling, every urge, every fleeting fancy, every moment that you've just got to capture because you can't bare to let it slip through your fingers and dissipate into the ether. Add personality and pizzaz to any inanimate object, bumper and beyond.

We think slogans are all well and good, but sometimes you need to give in to the world beyond words and that's when we are right there with you, whispering suggestions and helping you peel off the backing and telling you it's ok if it looks a little crooked because there's not a saint among us anyway.

This whole project is carried out from start to forever by Hannah Horovitz. Maybe you know her, maybe you don't, but she's been wearing the same clothes for the last 20 years, so you'll probably recognize her, even if it's been a while. She's based in the Bay Area but she's shed scraps of her heart wherever she's been, mostly in New York and the Pacific Northwest. She does this thing on nights and weekends and the breaths in between living her own life, so sorry if things are a little slow sometimes. In her spare time she likes to rollerskate, read, hang out with her dog Irwin, go running in the woods, and make and eat sweets.